I Am Vampire

That house looks exactly the same now as it did fifteen minutes ago and in many ways very little has changed for the family that lives there. But during that fifteen minutes Caleb crept into their house and passed a drug to their child to ensure that he slept deeply. Caleb then bit their child, injecting yet another drug into him. After chewing into their kid’s flesh he drank some of his blood and then licked the wound clean, treating it so it will be less noticeable. It will be as if he was never there but oh, he was.
As we walk away I look back at the house and marvel at how quiet true horror can be.

A subtle social commentary set in Toronto, I Am Vampire explores addiction and dependency on others for survival from the perspective of a blood-drinking parasite. Ride along uncomfortably in David’s mind as he struggles with what he is becoming and what he now needs to do in order to survive. The story can be graphic in both its violence and sexuality so it’s not for the young or easily offended.

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