The Story

I Am Vampire is the story of twenty five year old David, who takes a too good to be true job running errands for a very old man and soon discov­ers he was chosen to be much more than an errand boy. The reader is placed uncomfortably into the mind of David as he struggles with what he has become and what he now needs to do in order to survive. David is taught the ways of vampire by Caleb, the one who turned him and John, the spawn he is to replace. He quickly finds that he has become some­thing quite different than the creature of the myth.

One night David helps a woman named Alice that reminds him of his past life. The two form an odd symbiotic relationship; each addicted to something the other provides. While readers will always be aware of David’s reasoning, they will not always agree with his actions.

A subtle social commentary set in Toronto, I Am Vampire explores addiction and dependency on others for survival from the perspective of a blood-drinking parasite.  The story can be graphic in both its violence and sexuality so it’s not for the young or easily offended.

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